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From Managua to Chinandega:

Buses leave every fifteen minutes from Managua’s “Mercado Israel”. Two options are available: a larger cheaper school bus which takes approximately three hours, or a two hour micro bus costing 76 Cordobas.

From Leon to Chinandega:

Buses leave every fifteen minutes from Leon. Larger buses take 1.5 hours; microbuses take 45 minutes and cost approximately 30 Cordobas.

From Chinandega to Jiquilillo:

Buses from Leon and Managua will arrive at the “Mercado El Bisne” bus station where you should take a taxi or a tricycle taxi to “El Mercadito,” prices range from 8C$ (for the tricycle) to 15C$ (for the taxi) per person. The bus service to Jiquilillo is excellent and friendly; just ask the ayudante (attendant) to stop at “Rancho Esperanza”. The price is 25 Cordobas and travel time is approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours. We are located on the left side of the road.


Leaves Chinandega.     Arrives at Jiquilillo

7:00am                            8:30am

10:00am                           11:30am

11:30am                            1:30pm

3:00pm.                           4:30pm

4:30pm.                           6:00pm


We can provide direct transport from any of the cities, please get in contact to arrange a direct shuttle service for any group size from where you are to the Rancho. Our rates for a maximum of four passengers are:

  • Chinandega: $20, travel time 45 minutes.

  • Leon: $45, travel time from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

  • Managua/Managua Airport: $120, travel time from 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours.

  • Masaya: $140, travel time 4 to 5 hours.

  • Granada/Laguna de Apoyo: $150, travel time 4 hours to 5.5 hours.

We can also arrange for private microbuses that accommodate up to 8 passengers. Our microbus rates for a maximum of eight passengers to or from Managua are $200. We can also arrange for travel to other locations across Nicaragua in a microbus.

PHM4+VWC, Jiquilillo

Tel: +505 8680 0270

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