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Why Come to (or Leave) Nicaragua by Boat


If you are trying to get to Nicaragua from El Salvador (or the reverse) we highly recommend the route that takes you by boat between La Union, El Salvador and Potosi Nicaragua.  For many travelers, it will be a far better experience.  


  • 2 relatively quick border crossings instead of 4 very slow ones

  • It's Shorter. You can leave El Salvador and be in a hammock, surfing or on the beach by 12 pm the same day. 

  • It's Safer.  I need to write a blog post about my last time in Honduras: sitting in a Tica bus for 3 hours getting showered by rocks and watching tear gas go off.  You will probably be fine but there is a reason the shuttles leave in very short windows and don't make stops. 

  • It is the most fun.  Instead of being crammed in a minibus for 8 more hours take a 2 hour boat with views on the Gulf of Fonseca.

  • For the surfers: Surf empty waves -for newer surfers practice/learn without the crowds and for the experienced hit the Boom, one of Nicaragua's must surf waves before moving on.

We will provide you all the information you will need to turn what could be one of the least fun travel days on your itinerary to a great first or last experience in Nicaragua.


Our Nicaragua Welcome (Or Goodbye) Package

2 Nights Accomodation at our eco-hostel

 - $14 (dorm) total for both nights or

-  $36 private cabana (sleeps 2) total for both nights

- $70 beach side casita (sleeps 3 or 4) total for 2 nights

- A complimentary cold beer or smoothie waiting for you when you arrive






Things to Know

That Infamous Online Immigration Form

You do not NEED to fill out the infamous online Nicaragua entry form they will just charge you more. As of July 2024 it was $13 entry if you did fill out the form and $18 if you did not. It is faster at the border if everyone has filled it out. 

To save yourself the money you can fill out the form here.  On a computer its easy in a phone nearly impssible. Only fill out the fields marked as necessary.

If you decide to stop at the Rancho you can use "Rancho Esperanza in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua" as your destination.


External Blogs & Media From Others Who Took the Boat Route

Travel with a Smile.

(Click here for their stay in Jiquilillo)

From Miles to Smiles

Passport Pilgramage

Example Travel Day Itinerary From El Sal

2 am-3 am: Meet your shuttle per your instructions

7am: Arrive in La Union for Immigration

~8 am:  Boat to Potosi

~`10 am: Arrive in Potosi and Immigration

12 pm:  Arrive at Rancho Esperanza (drink beer/smoothie)

1 pm: Cool off on the beach

3 pm:  Nap in Hammock

5 pm: Possible evening activities - Turtle release, Disc Golf, Surfing (if winds cooperate)

7 pm - Dinner


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