Finding us

Jiquilillo is situated on the northwestern pacific coast of Nicaragua, an hour and a half north of Chinandega.

From Managua to Chinandega: Buses leave every fifteen minutes from Managua’s “Mercado Israel”. Two options are available: a larger cheaper school bus which takes approximately three hours, or a two hour micro bus costing 76 Cordobas.

From Leon to Chinandega: Buses leave every fifteen minutes from Leon. Larger buses take 1.5 hours; microbuses take 45 minutes and cost approximately 30 Cordobas.

From Chinandega to Jiquilillo: Buses from Leon and Managua will arrive at the “Mercado El Bisne” bus station where you should take a taxi or a tricycle taxi to “El Mercadito,” prices range from 8C$ (for the tricycle) to 15C$ (for the taxi) per person. The bus service to Jiquilillo is excellent and friendly; just ask the ayudante (attendant) to stop at “Rancho Esperanza” or “Rancho de Nato”. The price is 25 Cordobas and travel time is approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours. We are located on the left side of the road.

Bus schedule
Leaves ChinandegaArrives at Jiquilillo

Arriving by Taxi

We can provide direct transport from any of the cities, please call us to arrange a direct shuttle service for any group size from where you are to the Rancho. Our rates for a maximum of four passengers are:

We can also arrange for private microbuses that accommodate up to 8 passengers. Our microbus rates for a maximum of eight passengers to or from Managua are $200. We can also arrange for travel to other locations across Nicaragua in a microbus.

From La Union, El Salvador

If you are coming from El Salvador it is possible to leave from La Union, El Salvador via boat and arrive directly to Potosi, Nicaragua. There are immigration offices on both sides of the Gulf of Fonseca. If you wish to travel from Potosi to El Salvador, fishing boats can take you across the Gulf. Boats leave irregularly, but most frequently on Monday and Friday mornings. There are other private boats available, as well. Your best bet for the most up-to-date information on boat availability is to contact is Rafael Castro at Hotel Brisas del Golfo in Potosi +505 8774 4356. For information on the private boats, check with Ruta del Golfo.

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